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Temporary URL

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Over time, the internet grew in popularity and as a result, several services like URL shorteners were available for those looking to hide their links, or even collect data on the number of visitors through their link. URL shorteners come in a wide variety, some of which have additional features like URLGone.

URLGone provides a temporary URL shortener service where your anonymous link will 'self-destruct' after a set time. This time is set by the user. The service is perfect for those looking to share sensitive information through links without worrying about them living on forever, by using URLGone you can temporarily secure your link and not worry about it after it has been used for its intended purpose.

URLGone provides a temporary URL shortener service that provides benefits in addition to those found in regular URL shorteners. Some of the many are mentioned below:

Flexible self-destruction time - You, the user, are given the option to choose how long the link will last before it is destroyed. This is particularly useful for those looking to include links in forum posts and blog posts, where you wish the link to expire after a certain amount of time. In fact, they are perfect for special promotions where a specific deal is only available for a short period of time.

Extra level of security - For those looking to provide an extra level of security to their private link, a temporary URL shortener service controls how many visitors click on a link. Once it reaches a certain threshold, whether it's time or clicks, it will close itself and remain secure.

The shortened URL is 100% removed - This is arguably the most important feature, URLGone ensures that the link and all related data is completely erased from the system to ensure that no user can access the targeted page after its time.

URLGone's URL shortener service provides temporary links for as long as you need, whether it is 1 day or even 365 days, not to mention it is free and you can create an unlimited number of temporary links. In today's World Wide Web, some data is private and should only be shared with close friends or family. However, if you're looking to share it and wish to use a URL shortener, the lack of security can be quite discouraging, it is best to use a temporary URL shortener service that will ensure the link is erased after the specific date. Don't risk your data, and use URLGone for all your URL shortening needs!