Temporary URL

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does my shortened URL last?

Your shortened URL lasts for as long as you want it to. Just enter the amount of days you want it to last when you create your shortened URL. The link will not work once it's expired.

Our members can also set other options, like expiring after a certain amount of clicks etc.

My URL is sensitive, can anyone see my URL data?

Only those you share the shortened URL with will see the URL!

What happens to my URL data once it expires?

All related URL data is permanently removed from our database 90 days after it has expired.

My URL has expired, but I would like to use it again?

Once a temporary URL expires, all related URL data is removed permanently. There is no way to recover your data!

Why has my shortened URL been removed?

A shortened url will be removed by the editors if it leads to a site that contains viruses, malware or in any way harms the users computer.

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